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Single Balloon - Balloon Glow.

These photos are from an evening Hot Air Balloon Glow at a Festival in England during summer 2006. The set-up took place during the last daylight of the day then the "Balloon Glow" event itself extended into the hours of darkness - hence the sky looks blue or dark/blue on some of the photographs, whereas it is a solid black in other pictures.

There were also some changes in the line-up, which you may be able to spot in the photos below.


Balloon Line-Up - Balloon Glow
Balloon Line-Up - Balloon Glow
Balloon Glow - Burners

One of the challenges of photographing hot air balloons in general - but especially in the hours of darkness, is conveying their scale. We've included a photo of a single "glowing" hot air balloon at the top of this page This is a typical/average size of the balloons present in the line-up shown on the right. If you look down to the bottom-left of the single balloon you'll see the top-half of a large touring caravan. This should give you some idea of the overall height and physical scale of this display.

It's also worth mentioning that the illumination from the burners is coloured (yellow/orange rather than white light), see the photo at the bottom. As a result of this the colours of the balloons when illuminated at a Balloon Glow are not the same colours as you would obseve when viewing the same balloon flying in daylight - even when it's burner is in use. [Back to Balloon Glows]


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