Hot Air Ballooning USA

At present most of this website features hot air ballooning locations in the UK but we know that travel to the USA is popular. Many Europeans visit the USA for either business, or holidays, or even a bit of both, so here's a page about hot air ballooning in the United States of America. The scenery may well be very different to that seen from a flight in a European country.

If you're planning a trip to America for a holiday then you may hope to visit some of its areas of outstanding natural beauty. These include the Grand Canyon National Park and all of the other National Parks across the United States. If you plan ahead you might be able to include a hot air balloon flight in your schedule. If you have your own accomodation in the USA or are planning to stay with friends or family for an extended visit then your chance of arranging a hot air balloon flight during your stay are even better.

Great American Days operate in very many locations across the USA so there's a good chance that they offer something near to where you are staying. They make all the arrangements for your flight with the premier hot air balloon flight company and pilots. You have the opportunity to speak directly with your personal pilot and help select the launch site for your hot air balloon ride.

For further details about this and about other Experience Days in the USA, visit the Great American Days website (just click on the banner at the top of this page).



Check before Booking

Have you heard of the company before ?

How long have they been operating ?

How flexible is the ticket ?

Are you restricted to one small area of the UK ... or can you choose from sites Nationwide ?

For how many years has your pilot been flying commercially ?

... Have a safe flight !


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