Hot Air Balloon Flights - in Devon

Devon is not just about cream-teas ! It is one of the most delightful rural counties in England. Whether you're visiting on holiday, on business, or just for a day out, there is much to appreciate as you pass through this scenic county.

If you'd like to see even more - a bird's eye view is a great way to take in the scale of this picturesque area. Providing that you're not in a hurry, but willing to go where the wind takes you for up to an hour or so, a hot air balloon flight might be just the thing for you. The placenames on the left link to pages mentioning just some of the some interesting places from which you may wish to fly (or fly over and or view from the air) around Devon, England.

By the way, do bear in mind that you may not get to see the coast close-up as a safe landing (on land !) will be a priority for your flight provider. As with all outdoor pursuits, safety is paramount.

There are some fantastic Hot Air Balloon companies operating across the south-west. You're spoiled for choice! We've included links to companies offering vouchers for Hot Air Balloon flights. Browse around this website and others to shop around for the best deal for you & your family/friends. We wish you a fantastic flight.

Click here to buy a Hot Air Balloon Flight. See Devon from the air !
The photograph above shows a beautiful blue sky and rural view. Taken on a summer hot air balloom flight.


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Check before Booking

Have you heard of the company before ?

How long have they been operating ?

How flexible is the ticket ?

Are you restricted to one small area of the UK ... or can you choose from sites Nationwide ?

For how many years has your pilot been flying commercially ?

... Have a safe flight !


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