New Romney, Kent

Many fantastic aerials views of Kent may be enjoyed from hot air balloon flights over Britian's most south-easterly county.

New Romney is a small coastal town in the south east of Kent. It is located several miles south (along the A259) from Hythe and is even closer to Lydd (further south still, along the B2075). More generally, New Romney is located in the south-east Kent marshland between Romney Marsh and Walland Marsh. This area is a haven for wildlife. This is one of the lesser populated areas of Kent.
Other places in the area around New Romney includeLydd, Brookland, Brenzett, Old Romney, Ivychurch, Brenzett Green, St Mary in the Marsh, St Mary’s Bay, Littlestone-on-Sea and Greatstone-on-Sea.

Passengers with vouchers from Experience Day companies can, in many cases, choose the location of their flight from a range of take-off locations*.

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Use the controls in the top-left of the image above to zoom in or out and to "move" over this part of Kent and view the ground as if from a hot air balloon flight in summer. Alternatively, steer with your mouse by holding down the left mouse button and moving your mouse across the scene. The buttons in the top-right of the image above enable you to switch between the aerial view (default), a road-map view, and a combination "hybrid" of the two - that is an aerial view with the road names added over the scene.


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