Aintree, Merseyside

Merseyside is a densely populated coastal county, lots of people, spirit, humour, lots to see - from land and air.

Aintree is an urban area north of the City of Liverpool. It includes large residential areas of terraced houses, semi-detatched and detached houses and flat accomodation, and also business and retail premises providing facilities for the local population.

Aintree is best-known as the location of Liverpool Racecourse, home of the "Grand National" - the most famous steeplechase in the UK, if not the world ! The race meeting at Liverpool (Aintree) takes place in early spring, often the first weekend in April, or about that time. Aintree's railway station is conveniently located opposite the racecourse and is extremely busy during the race meeting. At other times, Aintree's station is as quiet/busy as the others along Merseyrail's line between Liverpool Central (Station) and Ormskirk (in Lancashire) - trains usually every 15 mins during the daytime.

Aintree, together with neighbouring areas north of Liverpool (such as Sefton, Maghull, Melling and Kirby) used to be popular as day-trips from Liverpool in the 1940s and 1950s when much of this area was still relatively rural. As Liverpool extended north these areas became more densely populated. Aintree is especially busy during peak traffic times morning/evening when people are travelling to/from work closer to Liverpool city centre.

If you're lucky enough to enjoy a balloon ride in this area you'll be able to try to identify streets, schools, and other familiar landmarks from the air.

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