Everton, Merseyside

Merseyside is a densely populated coastal county, lots of people, spirit, humour, lots to see - from land and air.

Everton is a built-up area of Liverpool, located just east of Liverpool City Centre. It is within a short distance of the key features of Liverpool such as the Walker Art Gallery, the Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Everton is famous in its own right for its successful football club. Everton Football Club (EFC) is based at their home ground called "Goodison Park", in the Everton area of Liverpool. As the team plays in blue, EFC are sometimes known locally as "the blues", in contrast to Liverpool Football Club (LFC) who play in red and are based at Anfield, just across the park from Everton's ground at "Goodison Park".

Hot Air Balloons are sometimes used for advertising purposes because of their sheer scale. Their presence is impressive and a logo on a hot air balloon can be seen from miles around. That said, when Everton are playing, all fans' eyes are on the pitch !

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