Kirby, Merseyside

Merseyside is a densely populated coastal county, lots of people, spirit, humour, lots to see - from land and air.

Kirby is one of many "New Towns" that were developed after the 2nd World War in which Liverpool suffered much damage to residential (as well as other) property. When it was time to re-build the authorities built new towns some distance from the city itself. This offered a fresh start to those in need of housing, and was also intended to relieve the over-crowding problems previously experienced in densely populated areas around the city of Liverpool. This policy of re-housing the population of parts of Liverpool into new towns further away was only partially successful. By the 1970s some of the "Tower Block" accomodation (high-rise flats) had become unpopular because they were not thought to be as conducive to social networking and support as more convential ground-level housing. Kirby continued to evolve and expand. New sports and leisure facilities were added in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kirby benefits from convenient road (including bus) and rail access to the centre of Liverpool. Yet it also benefits from its rural surroundings to the east. These surroundings include arable farmland towards Melling (to the north) and east around towards Rainford. South of Kirby (across the A580) is Knowsley, and particularly the wide open spaces of Knowsley Safari Park. Also south of Kirby (and west of Knowsley Safari Park) is Croxteth Country Park. This is a beautiful place to visit, either to attend one of the large events/shows that take place there, or just to enjoy the grounds on a quiet day.

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