Lydiate, Merseyside

Merseyside is a densely populated coastal county, lots of people, spirit, humour, lots to see - from land and air.

Lydiate is a village on the northern edge of Merseyside within walking distance of Aughton (Lancashire) and neighbouring areas of Merseyside (such as Maghull). It is in, or at least on the edge of, rural arable farming land that stretches north through Ormskirk and Burscough to Preston (Lancashire).

The village of Lydiate itself is now spread over a wide area. This has occured as the local population increased away from the original village (on the Southport Road) where the Parish Church of St. Thomas and the former site of its CofE Primary School are located, also the Parish Hall and field, facilities for local young persons groups such as Scouts and Guides, and the Village Green are found. This is also the location of the "Scotch Piper" Public House, which still claims to be the "oldest inn in Lancashire" (this was part of Lancashire until 1973). The former main road through the village is parallel to the Leeds-Liverpool canal with its own social community of small boat enthusiasts, walkers, and visitors to the canal-side Public Houses.

There are many potential take-off sites for Hot Air Balloons in the area around Lydiate. There's also lots to see with limited animals to disturb in the fields below (do beware of horses and ponies though, as there are quite a few equestrian establishments here).

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