Hot Air Balloon Flights - over Merseyside

Merseyside includes some of the most densely populated areas of the UK. The county town (city) of Merseyside is Liverpool, one of the most famous cities in the world and the "European Capital of Culture, 2008". Merseyside extends both sides of the River Mersey, including Birkenhead (south of the river) and Liverpool and its many suburbs (north of the river).

Take-off and landing sites with sufficient space and good access are essential for hot air balloon rides. There are many suitable locations in Merseyside, including fields, playing fields, parks (there are several beautiful country parks such as Croxteth, Halewood, and Pex Hill), and even arable fields after crops have been harvested and there is only stubble left.

Tethered Balloons are also popular at large outdoor events as for publicity/adverising purposes.

The places in Merseyside listed on the left are links to pages about places from which you may fly, or fly over, in a hot air balloon. This would be subject to availability of suitable take-off areas, weather conditions, and all other safety requirements. (You might not see the coast too close-up as a safe landing will be a priority for your flight provider: Safety is paramount.)

If you decide to experience the thrill of hot air ballooning yourself, we wish you a fantastic flight!

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Don't worry, this balloon wasn't dangerously low. We're sure the passengers had a "bird's eye" view of the town below.


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