New Brighton, Merseyside

Merseyside is a densely populated coastal county, lots of people, spirit, humour, lots to see - from land and air.

New Brighton is a seaside town on the extreme north-east corner of the Wirral peninsular. It was a very popular summer holiday and day trip destination from Liverpool before cheap and fast international travel made destinations with "guarenteed sunshine" (such as Spain) accessible. In common with other UK seaside towns, New Brighton no-longer sees the large crowds of visitors that it once did. There is also less shipping to watch today than in the past. Attractions in this area include the "New Palace" amusements at New Brighton itself and also the long sandy beach nearby, golf courses, country parks, and tourist attractions in nearby Birkenhead.

New Brighton is easily reached by road from Liverpool, via the Mersey Tunnel (Toll), or via the M53 which terminates at Wallasey just a few miles south of New Brighton.

This is not the most obvious locatioon for Hot Air Ballooning because this is a coastal location - with windy "coastal" weather at times. Residents of New Brighton will probably need to travel further inland to some of the beautiful open spaces of the Wirral or Cheshire to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride. Check with your local operator for details.

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