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Start of Season 2007, South England

We've been watching the skies for some weeks now. The weather across the south of England (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire etc.) has been mild for the time of year. Hours of daylight are increasing and winds have been relatively low.

Although the weather has been kind, it is still too early in the year to expect to see many hot air balloons in the evening skies. One possible reason for lack of flights (or few flights) in some areas is lack of suitable landing locations. This is because many low-lying fields have been under water until very recently. River levels remain high, especially along the River Thames through Oxford, Abingdon, Goring, Reading, Wallingford, Henley, Marlow, Maidenhead, and on to London.
Obviously flooded landing sites are a very local constraint - but still one of the many important considerations governing when and where to fly.

Although it's not the first hot air balloon flight we've seen in 2007, the photograph below shows one of the earliest we've seen this year flying sufficently low for a good photograph.

Date of this News Page: 14 March 2007.
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