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Balloon Orchestra -
over the Welcombe Hills near Stratford-on-Avon

Here's an interesting Hot Air Balloons news story. We first heard about this from the
BBC Website which includes a "Pictures Stories" feature about the Balloon Orchestra .

Credit: Sky Orchestra Photo by Thierry Grobet

This is all about a group of Hot Air Balloons taking off together (same time and place) during the early morning. There are seven hot air balloons in the group, each with speakers attached. They take off at dawn to fly with a planned/expected route across a city. This means that the co-ordinators pay very careful attention to the weather, weather forecasts, and wind directions in the area in order to choose a launch site on the side of the city from which the wind is coming. The wind then takes the balloons gracefully over the city until they land (not necessarily together - that's unlikely) on the other side of the city. During the flight/s each balloon plays a different element of the musical score so that the combined effect is massive "audio landscape".

The Sky Orchestra is a collaborative project involving highly skilled people from very different disciplines. Luke Jerram is working with international hot air balloon pilot Peter Dalby and composer Dan Jones. So far supporters of the project have included the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company), AHRC (Arts and Humanities research Council), DA2, Fierce Festival, NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), and JVC, Motorman.

For further details of this ingenious achievement, visit the Sky Orchestra page on Luke Jerram's website.

Oh, and if you unexpectedly hear music as you wake-up one morning, don't worry - it might just be the Balloon Orchestra.

Date of this News Page: 22 March 2007.
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