Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Gliding peacefully across beautiful countryside early on a summer morning, or in the evening is an unforgettable experience. Unlike other aircraft, you can watch the hot air balloon being assembled before your eyes - just like a giant tent ! Then climb aboard and admire the view from the basket - no doors closed, or windows to sit behind, it's all out in the fresh air. Fantastic !

The City of Nottingham is situated to the south west of Nottinghamshire close to the border with Derbyshire, with the River Trent close to its east and south-easterly limits. The M1 lies to the west of the City with its main road links accessed at junctions 24, 25, and 26. It has a university and countless museums relating to its past history and economic activity as well as Bestwood, Holme Pierrepoint , Rushcliffe, and the Attenborough, Country Parks and wetlands situated beyond its present urban limits. If you’re planning a day trip to the City of Nottingham, then you might enjoy a very early start in order to begin the day with a hot air balloon ride – this is something you do need to plan in advance, though. (First buy a voucher online. It’ll arrive quickly – possibly by First Class post. Then choose and contact your preferred local operator to specify your choice of dates and morning/evening. Then keep in touch with them as, ultimately, flights will depend on acceptable weather conditions.)

Passengers can choose the location of their flight after purchasing a voucher accepted for flights all over the UK. Prices depend on number of passengers - more passengers cost less per person.

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Book a Hot Air Balloon Flight over Nottinghamshire. (Photo of ground crew, left behind and just starting to pack-up and move away shortly after take-off.)

Hot Air Balloon Flights over the UK - Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Nottinghamshire (Notts.)

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Have you heard of the company before ?

How long have they been operating ?

How flexible is the ticket ?

Are you restricted to one small area of the UK ... or can you choose from sites Nationwide ?

For how many years has your pilot been flying commercially ?

... Have a safe flight !


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