Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

Gliding peacefully across beautiful countryside early on a summer morning, or in the evening is an unforgettable experience. Unlike other aircraft, you can watch the hot air balloon being assembled before your eyes - just like a giant tent ! Then climb aboard and admire the view from the basket - no doors closed, or windows to sit behind, it's all out in the fresh air. Fantastic !

The village of Ollerton, south west of Boughton and 7 miles from Tuxford is ideally situated on the edge of Sherwood Forest and has the only working Mill in Nottinghamshire. From the Visitor Centre can be seen some splendid views down the valley of the river Maun. South of Ollerton, off the A614 lies Rufford Country Park whilst to the east is situated the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre. The Hamlyn Lodge Cottage Industry lies to the north and Sherwood Forestís Visitor Centre and Country Park lies less than 2 miles to the west across the A614. If youíre planning a holiday, or even just a day-out in or near Sherwood Forest then consider including a Hot Air Balloon Ride in your schedule. Great fun !!!

Passengers can choose the location of their flight after purchasing a voucher accepted for flights all over the UK. Prices depend on number of passengers - more passengers cost less per person.

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Book a Hot Air Balloon Flight over Nottinghamshire. (Photo of ground crew, left behind and just starting to pack-up and move away shortly after take-off.)

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