Hot Air Balloon Flights - in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a beautiful rural county bounded by the foothills of the Cotwolds to the west and the Chiltern Hills to the east.

Did you know that Oxford is actually the birthplace of
Hot Air Ballooning in England ?
James Sadler became known as “the King of the Balloon” after he successfully flew about 6 miles from Christchurch meadow in the City of Oxford to the village of Woodeaton. This feat is commemorated by by a plaque at the take-off site in Oxford.

We wonder how much has changed since then. Certainly there is some new technology. Hot Air Balloon retrival crews have the benefit of modern vehicles and radio communications. New materials also make aspects of this pursuit easier and more convenient. However, the Oxfordshire countryside is still an idyllic view from above. Except when the baloon burner is in action, the flight is silent, or as silent as you want it to be ... Enjoy !



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Hot Air Balloon Landing
over Thame Showground,


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