Hot Air Balloon Flights - in Wiltshire

Wiltshire must be one of the best choices for Hot Air Balloon flights over the UK !

Why ?
This area is rich in ancient monuments, some of them extremely famous. People travel from all over the world to experience and admire the wonder of Stonehenge near Amesbury. Likewise, the even large stone circle around and through the nearby village of Avebury. There are also many other ancient forts, burial mounds, and stone age sites whose purpose is still not understood.

What's that got to do with Hot Air Balloons ?
Can you imagine the excitement of viewing these priceless treasures from the air ? Gaining that unique perspective that has helped researchers, historians, and archeologists ever since flight became available to them ? Probably not ... which is why the only answer is to experience this for yourself !

As is the excitement of viewing the beautiful countryside and possibly these world-famous ancient monuments from the air were not enough to excite you - there are also crop circles. Obviously we cannot promise these, no-one can. They come and go. However, Wiltshire is well known to attract more crop circles per area of land than other places.

Click here to buy a Hot Air Balloon Flight. See Wiltshire from the air ! (The balloon is Octapussy - photographed near Thame, Oxfordshire during summer 2005.)
Preparing for a flight early on a
summer morning ...

We've listed some locations in Wiltshire on the left-hand-side. Visit these pages for further thoughts about ballooning in these areas. Then book your flight voucher online - we've included links from every page on this site. Enjoy your flight !


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