Barnoldswick, Lancashire

There's lots to see and do in Lancashire. A hot air balloon flight may be perfect for a birthday gift or special celebration.

Barnoldswick, named as Bernulfsuuic in the Doomsday Book, is a small East-Lancashire town, once a busy mill town situated in a pleasant rural environment The last surviving mill is thankfully still being used to demonstrate weaving and is otherwise a valued visitor centre. The town is reached from the M6 then the A59 to Gisburn and along Bracewell Lane. The Leeds and Liverpool Canal follows a route from the north through East Marton, between Barnoldswick and Rainhall, still continuing between the east of Barnoldswick, and Salterforth, down to Foulridge. There are magnificent views from the canal path and Greenberfield Locks of the rural setting around the town. The town has an interesting Square and shopping precinct with well kept stone buildings and shops which have retained much of their original character. The town lies to the northeast of the village of Chatburn, north of Foulridge and Colne and west of Earby. To the south of the town are Letcliff Park, Higher Park, and Daleview Caravan Park whilst to the north is Victory Park- a great place for football. The town has a horse-riding school, snooker Club and other leisure cativities. There are many delightful well-kept cottages such as those in Crow Foot Row, Castle View and Esp Lane which might have housed looms in the early days of weaving in the area.

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