Nelson, Lancashire

There's lots to see and do in Lancashire. A hot air balloon flight may be perfect for a birthday gift or special celebration.

Nelson is a close neighbour of Colne (just a few miles north of Nelson) in north-east Lancashire. These towns are just to the north-west of The Forest of Trawden (incl. Boulsworth Hill, 517), and north of the larger Lancashire town of Burnley. To the north-west of Nelson and Colne is The Forst of Pendle and Pendle Hill (famous for "Lancashire Witches").

Nelson is within the borough of Pendle. Recent (2007) news from this area is that Burnley and Pendle Councils have made a joint bid to create a new unitary authority, so local government in this area may change.

This is unlikely to affect visitors to the area. There is much to see and do around Nelson, including visiting the "British in India" Museum, Hollin Hall Sewing Centre, and Wycoller National Park.

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