Blackburn, Lancashire

There's lots to see and do in Lancashire. A hot air balloon flight may be perfect for a birthday gift or special celebration.

The Lancashire town of Blackburn is situated amongst the East Lancashire Hills with the town centre located in a sheltered depression, surrounded by hilly areas of the town. The River Blakewater sourced from the area around Guide and culverted during the Industrial Revolution under the town, leaves from the west of Blackburn at Redlam and joins the River Darwen close to the Athletic area of the extensive Witton Country Park. Beardwood and Blackburn Golf Course are situated in the Revidge area close to Coronation Park in the north-west of the town. The Central Railway Station and Bus Station are located close to the Cathedral Church of St. Mary The Virgin and the main shopping area, very convenient for visitors to the area. The Central Mosque of Blackburn is expected to be ready in 2007. There are 3 other local rail stations to the west of the town ending at Preston and 2 other lines, one terminating at Colne and the other to Manchester. Blackburn was one of many Lancashire towns involved in the manufacturing of cotton during the Industrial Revolution. Some of the mill buildings are still in use today for different purposes. Many terraced cottages and houses built during that time have been renovated to present day standards of heating, decoration and hygiene. The Lewis Textile Museum, The Blackburn Museum Art Gallery and Ewood Park (Blackburn Rover’s football ground) are special local attractions.

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