Bilsborrow, Lancashire

There's lots to see and do in Lancashire. A hot air balloon flight may be perfect for a birthday gift or special celebration.

The village of Bilsborrow lies to either side of the A6 trunk Road from Preston to Lancaster.

It lies close to the busy Lancaster Canal with the many colourful narrowboats moored along its banks. Bilsborrow is proud of its well-kept gardens throughout the village and is a past winner of ‘Best Village in Lancashire’ There is a local shop/ post office, several public houses, schools, hotels, churches, local agricultural college and bowling green. The canal-side public house and surrounding old-style and tasteful rental accommodation is a popular venue throughout the year but especially in the summer months. The nearby cricket field and pavilion have been visited by famous players and the bowling greens in the area are also popular local venues during the summer season. The Parish Church of St Hilda, situated between Lydiate Lane and Bilsborrow Lane stands in flower clad grounds next to the churchyard. The railway line from Preston runs close to the church and under the bridge on Bilsborrow Lane. The Village Hall is in regular use by local people for various clubs, social gatherings and other special functions.

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